Pax 6 by The Kandinsky Effect

TKE consists of drummer Caleb Dolister, bassist Gael Petrina and saxophonist Warren Walker. For 10 years, the trio has been re ning their approach towards instrumental composition and production. Their music is multi-textural, adventurous, dark and rhythmic; it can be equally lled with risk and cohesion while navigating atypical time structures. Petrina and Walker’s appreciation for electronica inspires their methodical use of e ect pedals to create lush dimen- sions of texture, and Dolister’s open admiration of heavier bands like Meshuggah or crossover projects like Jaga Jazzist often in uences a rigor and attack in his drumming paired with polyrhythmic complex- ity. Despite the challenges of not easily identifying with a speci c genre, there are clear undertones of Pop, Rock, and several avors of Electronica. But before any genre is applied, the primary focus is always on composition, as often most of the pieces are composed from the rst note to the last. This helps a project rooted in jazz to never come o as unintentional, lost in direction, dissonant or arrhythmic. Instead, most pieces will identify less with the avant-gar- de than will Pop. Each band member comes from strong back- ground founded on improvisation and jazz-studies, and there are many opportunities for the songs to open up for solos or playful group exploration. But it is with maturity and experience that they manage to sound like a band fully realizing a solid musical vision, rather than a band grasping toward one.

In April 2016, the band headed to Maison des Artistes in Chamonix, France to work on a new record. Nicolas Charlier again joined as recording engineer, and the band spent an entire week living at the studio, working in the middle of the night or early in the morning to ne tune the design of each new song. It was mixed and mastered by Sam Minaie in early 2017.

We’ve de nitely evolved—reached a new level. Pax 6 is more than a collection of 10 more new Kandinsky E ect songs to us, it showcases where playing live, in the studio and writing together for ten years has been able to take us as a trio. I think that comes through for anyone who listens,” says Petrina.

If Synesthesia was an exploration in identity, and Somnambulist an exercise in composition, Pax 6 is the inevita- ble evolution of 10 years of touring, recording, traveling, and living a life realized through the eyes of modern post jazz realization. The Kandinsky E ect know who they are and what they want to share. Pax 6 captures their visions of a dark, rhythmic landscape, and presents it carefully and intently.


01: Music Box
02: Glass Bottles
03: Defective Bleeding
04: This One Is for You
05: Pax 6
06: Re: Jungle
07: Loops
08: Iron Lion
09: Astoria
10: We Make Our Own Holidays

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